Karlo Aguirre Junior
Jorge Arias Senior
Alfredo Armeda Junior
Adrian Astudillo Junior
Jose Benavides Senior
Kamil Bermudez Junior
Anthony Capote Junior
Anthony Correa Senior
Gavin Davila Senior
Dylan Diaz Senior
Kevin Cruz Senior
Adrian Falcon Junior
Michael Figueroa Junior
Daniel Lozano Senior
David Naime Junior
Eduardo Perez Junior
Jaden Perez Sophomore
Noah Perez Junior
Angel Quintana Freshman
Rene Quintana Freshman
Luis Rondon Junior

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Cuban coach and former baseball player. His playing career started in the early’ 1979 when played for the little leagues to the first categories in Havana Cuba until 1993 (E.I.D.E --- E.S.P.A --- University of Havana --- and I.S.C.F).

After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Culture and Sports at the University of Havana in 1995, he began his coach career in the youth baseball team of Havana City in 1996.

In the next year he worked in the Pan-American games with the Cuban National Youth Team (Londrina-Brazil) and has worked as supervisor at the Pan-American Baseball Confederation.

From 1998 until today he has performed other activities related to professional baseball as player representative, coach and supervisor of federations.

He has represented and trained several well-known players from colleges and mayor leagues, among them: Frascisley Bueno (ATL-KC), Barbaro Canizares (ATL-Japan Baseball), Bryan Pena (ATL-CIN-STL-KC), Ronnie Paulino (PIT-NYM-FLM) and others.

Coach Lazaro is a former Cuban Professional Player and Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame. He is also a two time Gold medalist for baseball, winning at the 1992 Summer Olympics and the 1996 Summer Olympics. Coach Lazaro Brings years of professional and Olympic experience to the team.

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