Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School

College Preparatory School

Our Team

Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.

(305) 388-6700
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Sr. Margaret Ann O.C.D.
Mr. Baglio
Director of School Operations
Mr. Ascorbe
Ext: 1251
Dean of Student Affairs
Mrs. Baglio
Ext: 1222
Business Manager
Mrs. De la Rosa
Ext: 1292
Admissions Director
Mrs. Barbeite
Ext: 1122
Activities Director
Mr. Morales
Ext: 1294
Athletic Director

Administrative Offices

Mrs. Prado-Perez
Ext: 1221 & 1227
Office Manager
Mr. Kunkel
Ext: 1293
IT Specialist
Mrs. Perez
Ext: 1223
Tuition Accounts Manager
Ms. Garcia
Ext: 1168
College Advisor
Mrs. Torres
Ext: 1254
Guidance Counselor 9th Grade
Mrs. Trujillo
Ext: 1229
Rediker Specialist
Mrs. Estevez
Ext: 1296
Attendance Office Secretary
Sr. Marisa O.C.D.
Ext: 1166
Development Director


Mr. Alum Morales
Math Teacher
Mr. Alejandro Bravo
Tae Kwon Do and Math Teacher
Mrs. Behrens
English Teacher
Ms. Corona
Achieve Teacher
Dr. De Ara
English Teacher/Department Chair
Mr. Gabriel Barbeite
Theology Teacher
Mrs. Gonzalez
World Language Teacher
Mr. Guzman
Instructional Aide
Sr. Immaculata O.C.D.
Theology Teacher / Department Chair
Sr. Ines O.C.D.
Theology Teacher
Mr. J. Rodriguez
Science Teacher
Mrs. Jarquin
Science Teacher
Mrs. Loffa
English Teacher
Mrs. Loor
Science Teacher
Mrs. Lopez
Instructional Aide
Sr. Mara O.C.D.
Teacher / Campus Ministry
Ms. Paulino
Dance Teacher
Mrs. Ramirez
Art Teacher
Mrs. Rodriguez
Science Teacher/Department Chair
Mrs. Sainz
Instructional Aide
Ms. Soares
Theology Teacher
Mr. Vanscoy
Social Studies Teacher / Department Chair
Mr. Zagales
Mrs. Zuniga
Music Teacher


Mr. Estrada
Mr. Guerrero
Ext: 2212
Mrs. Lopez
Mr. Sanchez
Mr. Serna