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Our Team

(305) 388-6700
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Sister Margaret Ann O.C.D.
Marlene Hernandez, Ed.S.
Vice Principal of Academics
Ext: 1229
Francisco Ascorbe
Dean of Student Affairs
Ext: 1251
Filippo Baglio
Director of School Operations
Ext: 1224
Mercy Baglio
Business Manager
Ext: 1222
Ana Bolado
Director of Special Education
Ext: 1270
Patricia Montero
Guidance Counselor
Ext: 1254
Melanie Garcia
Activities Director / Dance Team Coach
Ext: 1123
Sister Mary Elizabeth O.C.D.
Development Director

Administrative Offices

Sister Mercedes O.C.D.
Administrative Assistant
Ext: 1250
Patricia Zedler
College Counselor
Ext: 1253
Doris Ivana Figueroa
Guidance Office Secretary
Ext: 1250
Michelle Lopez
Media Center / Athletics Secretary
Ext: 1292
Vanessa Perez
Tuition Accounts Manager
Ext: 1223
Grisell Perez
Office Manager
Ext: 1221 & 1227
Teri Ann Mann
Attendance Office Secretary
Ext: 1296
Nicole Merlin
Data Specialist
Sean Kunkel
IT Specialist
Ext: 1293


Dr. Benjamin Zedler
Michelle Corona
Don Bosco Teacher
Anthony Morales
Math Teacher
Alexis Morales
Math Teacher
Leslie McConachie
Math Teacher
Courtney McDaniel
PE Teacher/Women's Basketball Coach
Kristopher Macrohon
Social Studies/Men's Basketball Coach
Natalia Khawand
Social Studies Teacher
Thomas Cartaya
Social Studies Teacher
Sean Cruz
Art Teacher
Adriana Arrieta
Instructional Aide
Alba Estevez
Instructional Aide
Manuel Goberna
World Language Teacher
Jose Gutierrez
Math Teacher
Emilio Lacayo
Music Teacher
Susan Spruce
Theology Teacher
Timothy Vanscoy
Social Studies Teacher/Department Chair
Father Raphael Sarkodie
Chaplain/Theology Teacher
Sister Immaculata O.C.D.
Theology Teacher / Department Chair
Nicole Munoz
English Teacher
Carmen De Ara
English Teacher
Eric Behrle
English Teacher
Laura Behrens
English Teacher/Department Chair
Emma Rodriguez
World Language Teacher / Department Chair
Kim Loor
Science Teacher
Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Science Teacher/Department Chair
Servio Borges
Baseball Coach / Health Teacher


Edgar Estrada
Francisco Serna
Yolaines Rodriguez
Elida Aleman
Ext: 2212
Juan Guerrero
Ext: 2212
Roberto Sanchez