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Legal Virtus

Recently, the administration of Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School received a report from a former student alleging that in 2015 a teacher, Justin House, sexually abused her.

Upon receipt of this allegation and following its Safe Environment Policy and Florida law, the Archdiocese of Miami made a report to the State Attorney's office and to the Florida Department of Education. The Archdiocese of Miami understands that Miami-Dade police have an open investigation file on this matter.

Mr. House has not worked at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School or any other Archdiocesan entity since 2015 and the Archdiocese takes this opportunity to encourage anyone with information about this matter or any other such allegations to make a report to the Miami-Dade police.

The Archdiocese of Miami considers any allegation serious and responds with pastoral and psychological care, along with a report to law enforcement officials. If anyone has been a victim of sexual abuse by Church personnel, please contact the Archdiocese of Miami hotline at 1 866-802-2873 or the Department of Children and Families' hotline, 1-800-962-2873.